10 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Do you ever get bored of just listening to music? I have got you covered! Here is a list of all of my favourite podcasts on topics ranging from philosophy and religion to veganism and sports. They’re the perfect way to get your mind off things (e.g. a long run), get inspired or simply learn something new! Happy listening 🙂

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The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll- one of the most inspiring vegan athletes and writers out there. For fascinating conversations with people such as vlogger and film-maker Casey Neistat or minimalist Joshua Fields, listen to The Rich Roll Podcast.

Favourite episode: Micah Risk & Alexis Fox on Igniting a Social Movement to Help the World Eat Better


Monocycle with Leandra Medine

Plug in your earphones and step into the quirky brain of Man Repeller founder, Leandra Medine. The funny, yet insightful tone she uses to discuss topics such as body image and fashion week will keep you coming back for more.

Favourite episode: Body Image

Waking Up with Sam Harris

Sam Harris, neuroscientist, philosopher, and author has become famous for his extremely eloquent, well-informed, yet, to some, controversial podcasts on topics such as politics, spirituality, and religion. Whether you like him or not, there’s no doubt he’ll get you thinking.

Favourite episode: Leaving the Church: A Conversation with Megan Phelps-Roper

No Meat Athlete Radio by Matt Frazier

If you have had enough of listening to Rich Roll (is that even possible?), you might want to switch it up by listening to the ‘No Meat Athlete Radio’. Here Matt Frazier- vegan fitness expert- discusses topics ranging from stress-free healthy eating to what to eat before a race.

Favourite episode: The life-changing habit to start today

Garance Doré’s Pardon My French

Grab a cup of tea, head to your couch, and sit in on some of the funniest conversations between Garance Doré- NYC-based fashionista and blogger- and her friends- other cool women living in NYC (ha!). Nothing better than spending a lazy afternoon listening to these highly-successful and creative women talk about everyday worries and wonders!

Favourite episode: Pocket PMF: Friendship


10% Happier with Dan Harris

You might know him as: “the news anchor who had a panic attack on live television (ABC News)”. It was in front of millions of people that Dan realised his thoughts were controlling his life and causing him to experience such panic attacks. As a result, he decided to do something about it by delving into the world of spirituality.

Favourite episode: #1 Dalai Lama


Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

To all girl (and boy) bosses out there, you might want to pause what you are doing and get inspired by an episode of Girlboss Radio. Every episode, Nasty Gal founder and author, Sophia Amoruso interviews a different #girlboss. Guests include actrice Charlize Theron and the founder of Glossier, Emily Weiss.

Favourite episode: Rachel Weiss, L’Oreal VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

Listen to actor and all-around cool guy Alec Balwin’s fascinating discussions with artists, entertainers, policy-makers, and innovators. Guests include Michael Douglas, Jimmy Fallon, and Paul Simon.

Favourite episode: Jerry Seinfeld

Food for Thought: The Joys and Benefits of Living Vegan

Want to know more about Veganism? Or simply need a new perspective on the matter? Listen to this podcast by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. She discusses issues such as animal rights, nutrition, and food in general.

Favourite episode: Processed foods are evil! (Or are they?)


Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Can’t be bothered to read a big fat history book? This might just be the next best thing! Dan Carlin’s podcast tackles matters of the past in a somewhat “unorthodox”, yet highly-captivating manner. Note that I did say “next best thing”, so you’re probably still better off reading a ‘proper’ history book ;).

Favourite episode: Death Throes of the Republic

Loved this podcast? Check out ‘Common Sense with Dan Carlin’. 

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