Coloring for Mindfulness

I know this is not a new trend, but I have only just caught up to it, and I am loving it! I must say I was a bit skeptical at first, as I did not think I would (should) ever fit ‘colouring for mindfulness’ into my daily routine. But then again, I believe it is extremely important to take some time for ourselves everyday, and I am always open to new ways of doing this. It sounds so obvious, but our productivity increases significantly when we dedicate some time everyday to clear your minds, and yet, not many of us actually do it. I usually clear my mind by meditating or doing sports, but colouring butterflies has proven to be a great alternative for when I am feeling too restless for meditation or do not have enough time for a workout.


There are so many different colouring books out there so it is up to you to choose one! The one I got is called Birds & Butterflies: Colouring for Mindfulness by Alice Chadwick. Here are some other really fun-looking ones:


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