Daylesford Organic, Marylebone

This place has become one of my favourite cafés/restaurants in London. As you probably guessed from the title; all their food is organic. The ingredients to their delicious meals and the food they sell in their stores comes from their Gloucestershire farm. When walking around in London it seems like more than half of the food places you come across are either part of a huge chain or offer food that’s too unhealthy to have everyday. This is probably the reason why I feel so at home at Daylesford. Their meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables etc. is all-organic, which reminds me of home-cooked meals with fresh produce from our garden.

I have been to Daylesford Organic for brunch and lunch. My first lunch there was in Notting Hill and my friend and I didn’t love it. I had a selection of three different salads that consisted of way too much cabbage for my taste and my friend has a sort of healthy green risotto that didn’t nearly have enough cheese in it. But then again, we probably just chose the wrong things, because every time I have been since I have picked dishes that tasted and looked amazing.

image2For brunch, I suggest you have the porridge (so so good!) or scrambled eggs with sourdough toast.

IMG_5053For lunch, I would definitely have the soup or fresh baked bread as a starter (not the healthiest choice, but oh well) and then one of their classics (they all look amazing). As a side, the seasonal greens and chopped tomatoes are a great choice! You don’t get tomatoes that fresh and tasty very often in London.


Another reason I love going to Daylesford is their store. It’s incredible. They offer a wide range of superfoods (in nice packaging), organic yogurt, milk, cheese, but also soup. Now, this might not seem very impressive, but it took me about a year to find good ‘packaged’ soup in London. Even soup from the Farmer’s Market wasn’t always that great. They sell this amazing lentil and bean curry that, to me, really looks like soup and contains only about 400 kcal for the entire package (550ml!). That’s one meal sorted in no-time! Yet, I still need to control myself a bit when I go because, due to the quality of their products, they turn out a bit expensive (think 7 pounds for soup!).

There are various other Daylesford Organic locations across London: Notting Hill (W11), Pimlico (SW1) and the food hall at Selfridges (W1).

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