How to get motivated to workout

All of you are probably familiar with the lack of motivation when it comes to working out. Some of us might lack motivation every day, once a week, once month or once a year for that matter. Whether you just got back from a holiday where your fitness routine was put on hold or whether you’ve just started working out and your workouts are killing you, you probably know what I’m talking about! This post provides you with some tips to help you get motivated to start working out and to change your lifestyle for the better.

Have a clear goal

Having a clear goal in mind (read: on paper, photo, video, whatever you want) is probably the most important element in getting motivated as well as staying motivated. It is what you’re going to hold on to when you’re having a fallback or when you have stopped making progress for a while. It will remind you why you’re working hard (assuming you are) and what you’re trying to achieve! Yet, I do feel it is important not to want to become someone who isn’t you. Oh, how cheesy of me. What I mean is that, even though there is nothing wrong with admiring other people’s (fit) bodies, don’t choose the image of someone else’s body as your personal goal. Choose an image of yourself at a time when you felt confident, fit, beautiful and/or energised. The way you felt at that time will motivate you more than just a photo of some Victoria’s Secret model or cousin of a friend of a friend!

Make a plan

People who have a plan are much more likely to actually change their behaviour or implement new behaviour than people who don’t have one. Although you still need willpower, having a clear image of what you’re supposed to do in order to achieve your goals will get you going in the right direction. I’m sure you have already felt helpless; bombarded with contradictory information, desperately trying to figure out where to start making changes. I know the feeling all too well, but by creating a plan, be it a workout plan or nutrition plan will give you a sense of control. Once you’ve fully understood that YOU are the one making changes to your lifestyle, because YOU want to, you’ll feel a lot more motivated!


Has that ever worked? No. Therefore, should you do it? No! I know it’s tempting and it probably has to do with the fact that you’re, obviously, feeling very motivated (well done for that!), but you’ll probably never be able to maintain all of these changes, which is completely normal. You’ve probably heard this a million times before. Whether it be when trying to do the splits, when learning a new language or somewhere else where people tried to help you achieve a goal. It’s no different here. You can’t expect your brain to learn a new language in a day, so why would you expect your body to suddenly become fit enough to work out everyday? By starting off with a healthy approach to fitness and healthy living, you won’t see it as a punishment. NEVER feel like you need to punish yourself! Start off by adding one or two workout days a week, one healthy meal a day and by cutting out one type of food you know is keeping you from making progress (think soda, cookies, butter etc).

Do things you enjoy

I’m probably repeating myself by saying this but… Don’t do something you don’t enjoy doing! If you don’t like yoga because you’re not flexible, don’t do yoga. If you don’t like running because you feel like your heart it going to fall out of your chest, don’t run. If you don’t like team sports because you love being alone, don’t do team sports (although these might help you get motivated, just saying!). The thing I don’t love doing is running. At least not for longer than 30 minutes (read: 20 minutes). I used to always think I had to run, that it was a must because every fit person I seemed to come across did it. Yet, over the past few months, having started weight training, Crossfit, martial arts etc. I have been noticing that you really don’t need to run to stay fit. Find the right type of cardio or resistance training for you, and you’ll be fine! Of course, there is a difference between challenging yourself and doing something you don’t like. I might incorporate a bit of running in my workouts simply because I like the challenge of doing something I’m not very good at.

Get new workout gear

This, of course, is totally optional but to me (and to almost everyone I know), new workout gear is the most motivating thing. Whether it be new socks or a new top, it has never failed to motivate me to workout.

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