La Paloma Café, Ibiza

It’s summertime! This is why I have decided to post about some nice restaurants in Ibiza you should definitely try out. The first one is La Paloma Café; a casual café during the day and a fancier restaurant in the evening. This authentic ibiza style restaurant is located in Santa Gertrudis; a 20-minute drive from Ibiza Town. Santa Gertrudis incorporates all of the characteristics of the typical Mediterranean atmosphere; white houses, citrus trees, cute shops and last but not least; numerous bars and restaurants. Even though there are some other restaurants in Santa Gertrudis that are definitely worth posting about I have decided to start with La Paloma as I have loved going there during the day as well as in the evening. I can promise you that its idyllic setting will make you want to go back as soon as you can!


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The food served there during the day is, again, Mediterranean-styled. Think hummus, goat cheese salads, feta, flatbread, pizza etc. What I love most about the place is that they have given their food a healthy twist. Not every option on the menu is as ‘healthy’ as the other but there are many options that are. They even have a juice and smoothie menu! Another element that always makes me happy when I go to restaurants are vegetarian options, which were plentiful at La Paloma. Yet, from time to time the smell of meat from the table next to us became a bit overwhelming! I ordered smoked aubergine with feta cheese and tahini, which came a huge piece of bread, my friend ordered a delicious pizza with courgettes and feta (YUM!) and my brother ordered a goat cheese salad. To share we had more flatbread and carrot sticks with hummus.


I found the food delicious (as did everyone else) but there are two things you would have to keep in mind when you decide to go there. The first being the huge amount of bread they serve with the dishes. If this is something you want to avoid make sure to ask the waiter what exactly comes with your dish! I ordered a special of the day, which is probably why I wasn’t told exactly what came with it. The second thing to keep in mind is that, in general, Mediterranean food is quite greasy as they use a lot of olive oil in their dishes. This means most of their dishes aren’t very ‘light’ options, but then again, if you’re on holiday you can enjoy a heavier meal from time to time. All this to say that it might be best to go to La Paloma when you’re really hungry as you’ll probably be tempted to have a lot of food at a reasonable price (dishes were around 12 to 15 euros). Hope you’ll love it, too!


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