Lisl Steiner: “Don’t think about it, then you haven’t got a problem.”

One of my favorite activities, and I am probably not alone in this, is watching Youtube videos for hours on end. Usually, the videos I watch aren’t very informational (think: The Ellen Show and Casey Neistat‘s vlogs). However, there are always a few inspiring ones that stick with me.

tenminutes_img_6116ed-2-cc-f7277423A video I watched recently that both cracked me up and made me think twice about a few things is a video by StyleLikeU featuring Lisl Steiner, an Austrian photographer and documentary filmmaker. In the video she claims to be 88, even though she’s 87. She says this because she has no desire to make herself seem younger, but would rather be “one year ahead”. That alone I will never forget!

Watch the video here (Courtesy of StyleLikeU).

Now, when the video really got me thinking is when Lisl said:

Don’t think about it, then you haven’t got a problem. You only have a problem if you: *clasps hands together* “Ohhh, God, this happened now”… Life is too short.

A problem is only a problem if you say it is

Here’s what I told myself: If you label a situation, an opinion, or a thought as a ‘problem’ you are placing, what is essentially, a made-up concept onto something that might not even be tangible. Even if it is, such as a disease or a broken bone, you can still choose to refrain from calling it a ‘problem’, by simply calling it what it is; a status quo.

In Syria, the current ‘status quo’ is that there is a civil war going on. Do you let that keep you up at night? If you live in a Western country, and you are not state leader or a Syrian refugee, chances are you don’t. Why then, would you let other, much more insignificant things, such as wrinkles or a broken tv keep you up? Of course, one might argue that this ‘detached’ attitude suggests a lack of empathy, pity, or sense of responsibility.

And yet, my argument against that is that one should always seek to experience emotions that stem from love and positivity. The previously-mentioned emotions and sensations are not that; they stem from fear, pain, and negativity. Evidently, such emotions are not going to help the status quo progress in any way. On the contrary, I believe they might actually worsen the situation. By taking the energy you would normally spend getting upset, stressing out, or feeling sorry for someone (or yourself) and putting it into creatively seeking solutions you are much closer to actually solving your so-called ‘problem’. 

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