Passion Café, Ibiza

Passion café first opened its doors in 2002, way before the health trend fully hit Ibiza. In a way, therefore, you could say they know what they’re doing! Proof of this is there are now four locations in Ibiza; there’s on in Marina Botafoch (Ibiza’s port- the one I went to), Platja d’en Bossa (a beach near Ibiza town), Santa Eulalia and in BFit sports club. They offer a huge variety in healthy breakfasts, ranging from avocado on toast to gluten-free pancakes, lunches, from fish curry with rice to quinoa salads and snacks. I almost forgot to mention that they also have an entire juice and smoothie menu, that’s actually what they started with in 2002!

I have been to Passion Café various times over the past two years; for breakfast and for lunch. The last time I went we had french toast, gluten-free pancakes and an Acai bowl with their homemade granola. Now, I’m going to be honest with you, the french toast you see on the photo wasn’t as good as it looks! It was way too salty so we decided to order some American pancakes with walnuts; delicious but they could have left out the walnuts. The Acai bowl and the gluten-free pancakes filled with seeds and cranberries (no, I don’t avoid gluten, I love gluten) were both delicious. I guess, in a way, when going to these healthy restaurants you need to pick things you know they’re probably good at such as in this case Acai bowl, for example. You wouldn’t really order a salad at Mc Donalds, right? Well, maybe you would, but you’d be disappointed. Burgers is their thing and we should leave it at that.


Sweet treats

Oh yes. Remember when I mentioned they also had ‘snacks’? Scratch that, they have C A K E and a fridge full of sweet goodness. Some of it is raw, some of it vegan, gluten-free etc. Of course, you need to remember that, just because these cakes carry such labels, you still shouldn’t eat a slice a day. To make these types of cakes nuts, nut butters, coconut oil or dates are often used. Thus, making them as caloric as ‘normal’ cakes! Anyways, back to the fun part. We shared a slice of carrot cake and I can honestly say it was one of the best cakes we had ever had. No, probably the best carrot cake I had ever had. If the food didn’t seem convincing enough, they also sell different types of ‘health foods’ that are quite hard to find in Ibiza such as coconut oil, their homemade granola, Propercorn and so so much tea!



Breakfast: Gluten-free pancakes

Lunch: Fish curry with brown rice or their veggie burger

Cake: Carrot cake (DUH)

Smoothie: Avocado/banana smoothie

‘Health food’: Sweet and salty Propercorn

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