Simple & Light pancakes

You know that feeling you get when breakfast is so good, you know you’re going to have a good day? I get that feeling every time I eat pancakes. It might have to do with the fact that, when I have them, it’s either someone’s birthday or I have too much time on my hands, which is never a bad thing. Yet, I have been trying to find versions that didn’t mean I had to consume 700-800kcal at breakfast. Even some Vegan versions require maple syrup, coconut shavings, coconut flour etc. All of these ingredients will almost always guarantee you’re eating ‘healthy’ pancakes, but you’ll still be consuming a lot of calories and carbohydrates, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to decrease your amount of body fat. This version only uses 3 ingredients and is very high in protein and (relatively) low in calories. Be careful with your toppings, though, as these can quickly increase the amount of calories you’re eating.


  • 2 whole eggs
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 ripe banana
  • A pinch of salt

Optional: 3 tbsp frozen blueberries and 100g cottage cheese


  1. Blend everything together, except for the blueberries and cottage cheese! (I told you they were simple).
  2. Make sure your frying pan is (very) hot.
  3. Put a tiny bit of olive oil where you’re going to make the pancake. I suggest making two at a once to save some time.
  4. Once you see little bubbles on the side facing up, you know they’re ready to be flipped over.
  5. Optional for the topping: Defrost the frozen blueberries in the microwave and add them to the cottage cheese

I hadn’t mixed the blueberries with the cottage cheese on the photo yet, but trust me, you’ll want to do it. Plus, you’ll get in some more protein!



For breakfast, but not every day! As I previously mentioned you’re getting in a whole lot of protein with these pancakes, which is great. Yet, about 8 of these (with topping) come down to about 500 calories and without they come down to around 400 calories. If you want to decrease the amount of calories you can leave out one whole egg (80kcal), which will make them come down to 320 calories without toppings. Something else I suggest doing is having these quite late (on the weekends, for example) so you don’t need a snack in between breakfast and lunch. Lastly, if you can, buy a spray for your frying pan that doesn’t contain any (or very little) calories compared to olive oil or coconut oil!

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