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I have always thought snacking was very personal thing as you need to find exactly what you are in the mood for at a certain moment of the day. Why would you want someone telling you to eat an apple with some nut butter at 4pm just because it keeps your blood sugar levels stable? What if you would much rather have a nice, warming bowl of vegetable soup? And yet, we love reading about which snacks are best for us, when to eat them and how many we should have a day. This is why I thought I would share some (plant-based) snack ideas, to give you some inspiration. These are things that I snack on through out the day. I usually have a mid-morning one, one in the afternoon and a pre-bedtime snack. I obviously do not restrict myself to only these snacks. However, most of the things I eat are just a bit too boring or strange to list. Enjoy!

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies are the easiest snacks to have when you are on the go or in a rush. Before you hit the gym, grab a banana, an apple or some berries (depending on what is in season); the fast-releasing carbohydrates will fuel your workout. Or, just chop some vegetable sticks, pop some hummus in a jar, and bring your snack with you.

  • All-time favorite: medjool dates straight out of the fridge topped with almond butter
  • Carrots, cucumber or tomatoes with hummus
  • Banana dipped in almond butter
  • Broccoli, pumpkin or regular vegetable soup
  • Boiled broccoli
  • 1/4 avocado on toast with sliced tomato
  • Edamame beans with quality sea salt
  • Kale or broccoli chips (always go for the cheesy flavor)
  • Frozen mango
  • 1 apple with PB2 powder

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Dairy-Free Yogurt

As you had probably guessed; eating plant-based also means you do not eat any dairy. This may sound horrific to some, but there are amazing dairy-free alternatives to yogurt and milk (even chocolate milk). Of course, they will never taste exactly the same but a lot of the time we have yogurt because it is an easy thing to add granola, fruit or cacao nibs to. Therefore, I do not really mind what my yogurt base is made of as long as I get to have all the toppings I want in one bowl! My favorite dairy-free alternatives to yogurt are ‘Vanilla Coconut Yogurt‘ from Coyo (quite high in fats and thus calories) and ‘Chocolate Dessert‘ or ‘Vanilla Soya Yogurt‘ from Alpro.

  • All-time favorite: 1 banana dipped in (vanilla) coconut yogurt from Coyo and cacao nibs
  • Vanilla soya yogurt with chopped dates and almond butter
  • Chocolate soya yogurt with cacao nibs, coconut flakes and buckwheat kernels

Rice Cakes

If you are looking to lose body fat, maintain your current weight or even gain some weight, rice cakes are always an amazing option. You can top them with anything you want; something high in carbs like jam, high in fat like peanut butter or high in protein like hummus or another bean mash.

These are my favorite toppings for rice cakes:

  • All-time favorite: chickpea hummus
  • Vanilla coconut yogurt from Coyo, cacao nibs, sliced frozen mango
  • Paprika/pumpkin hummus and thinly-sliced cucumber
  • Beetroot hummus and thinly-sliced cucumber
  • PB2, ‘Sweet Freedom‘ chocolate sauce and shredded coconut
  • Soya yogurt with coconut flakes, cacao nibs, fruit and rice cracker
  • Mashed avocado, fresh lemon juice, quality sea salt and chilli flakes



By ‘treats’ I do not mean I do not have them regularly, but I would limit them to once a day. For the cappuccino that has to do with the fact that caffeine and I do not go very well together.

  • All-time favorite: plant-based chocolate. I will either have ‘Salted Caramel and Sea Salt’ from Booja Booja or ‘Coconut Mylk’ from Ombar.
  • Almond milk cappuccino
  • Homemade tortilla chips
  • 1 ezekiel wrap with almond butter
  • Hot cacao with almond milk, coconut oil, raw cacao powder
  • Soya chocolate milk from Alpro

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